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I never understand about Columbus Day. Most people never get the day off from work, no one passes out candy crushes, and from a historical point of look, this whole “searching America” claim to get Columbus has going for him isn’t even that facts accurate and perfect. He may have sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but as these Columbus Day 2017 Quotes painfully bring into view, the whole idea  and features behind celebrating Columbus Day is kind of bogus arena.

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Columbus Day Quotes

Most people actually haven’t given more thought to the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria since sixth grade history, so allow me to refresh and shape your memory. More than 500 years ago, Columbus, an Italian explorer,  during a journey sponsored by King Ferdinand of Spain. He build it over to the Americas sure enough and sufficient, but spoiler: he never exactly find America. Instead, he landed and discovered in the Bahamas and brought with them a whole host of providing European diseases like small pox and chicken pox that threatened to nearly big native populations.

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Some people are still believing that Columbus was not the first one who have landed in American Island but with great respect and honour try to grab the policies with it in a big natural ways But whatever Columbus importance is one that Americans are celebrating since the 1700s. Columbus Day became an official and big federal holiday in 1937, and since the ’70s has been observed and overlooked every year on the second Monday of October 2017.

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It is fast forward to present day and past day almost, and it is  worth noting that there has been a big move to get away of the holiday on a local level, with some cities voting to look Indigenous People Day in place of Columbus Day. It is seen as a controversial work by some people but given the questionable history behind this day of watch, now it is the perfect time to wonder if we are celebrating Columbus Day for all the wrong and factual reasons. Here are nine quotes that prove just how irrelevant Columbus Day actually is.

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Christopher Columbus was born between 31 October 1450 and 30 October 1451 and is died on 20 May 1506. He was an Italian explorer, navigator and life of the Republic of Genoa.

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Columbus day is celebrated in his memory annual day on October 9, which is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, that is happened on , 1492.

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Each destination we have reached in life that brings us to the doorway of a new zone.

In the spirit of Columbus Day, we offer inspiring and big quotes about life’s journeys and having the courage to make new searches in our lives.

Take inspired to explore new territory and make your own research today.

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