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The most significant festival in Indian culture is Deepavali, the festival of lights, watch millions of people to attend firework displays, prayers and cultural events across the world every autumn season in 2017.

Deepavali Importance

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Diwali Events

The festival is celebrated by many religions for a different of reasons, although the main title which go throughout is the victory of brightness over darkness and good over bad.

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We are celebrating it with houses that are decorated with beautiful bright and shiny lights and big firework patterns that are held while families invitations and share gifts an greetings.

Diwali Celebration

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Diwali is the festival of lights continuously for five days that is celebrated by millions of people across the world. The festival that is coincided with the Hindu New Year that is celebrated with new starts and the victory of good over bad and light over darkness.

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The important day of festival is traditionally celebrated on the festival third day that this year falls on Wednesday, October 18. The festival almost comes between the middle of October and this is decided upon by the Hindu lunar calendar. While each trust and belief has its own credit to celebrate the festival, one of the most important stories that are told with return of Lord Rama with his wife Sita Mata and Brother Laxman to their Home  from exile after defeating the evil king Ravanna in the 15th century BC.

Diwali Events

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Diwali Celebrations

As we know that the best part is beautifully organized in a beautiful ceremonies and events with the invitations sent to lots of friends, relatives that come together to celebrate it with great harmony. You can check out best images and pictures according to your methods and evolutions that have been kept in your mind for the best celebration of Deepavali this year 2017 with great enthusiasm. The festival is perfectly shown to everyone.

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Diwali Importance

The festival is arranged by large firework and crackers displays that is to remember the celebrations according to the legend that took place upon Rama’s return as locals establishment of their own networks of fireworks.

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Those celebrating the festival also light in a beautiful earthen diyas to develop best patterns that is created on the floor using colourful rice or powder. During Diwali, families and friends distribute sweets and gifts and there is also a strong belief and trust in providing  food and goods to those in requirements. It is also traditional and cultural for homes that to be cleaned and new clothes to be worn at the time and occasion of the festival.

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