Diwali 2017 Poems in Hindi and English

You can carry out the Wishes of this Diwali 2017 with our best collection of Inspirational Diwali Poems in Hindi Language. Diwali or Deepavali is also known as Diwali that is a significant and popular festival and an official and great holiday in India.

Deepavali Kavita

Deepavali Kavita Free

Diwali Poems in Hindi

While Diwali is known as the “Festival of Bright” popularly, the significant and famous spiritual meaning is “the awareness of the inner light”. So here we are providing and have Happy Diwali Inspirational Poem in Hindi method to inspire and motivate you that shows and defines the actual and real and actual meaning of Diwali celebration, Heart Touching Diwali Poems in Hindi, Deepavali Kavita in Hindi wordings and many more. Wish you Happy Diwali.

Diwali Images

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We are praying to the GOD
Diwali is here.

Wishes of vapors from crackers rose,
Carry on, as odour airs resound
refuse joys to all abound
Pearls of lights and shares in these beautiful nights
Decorate our lives and feelings else where trite
With sparklers that motivate skies
As spreading spirits of powder wander
Let us thank the Almighty GOD,
In this festival season of lights.

Diwali Kavita in English

Diwali Kavita in English Free

Diwali Poems in English

Today is the `Festival of Lights’ all over;
A joyful day and night for minds and hearts and even souls;
And people are hanged the Temples to offer,
Prayers to take better methods.
And many of them are richly glad to clean,
and  can eat such dainty foods and sweets with love.

Diwali Pictures

Diwali Pictures Free

We can check out best possible methods and procedures in good and best ways to celebrate the best methods of Happy Deepavali in a big ways. The worth wording methods that are given in a big and best possible ways and procedures to define yourself in the important methods.

Diwali Poems in Marathi

The wordings are great enough to work for best Kavita in different languages that are given in good ways.

The important methods that are defined in good pattern are really beautiful for us and can be great enough to evolve the best methods in a big evolution.

Diwali Poems in Hindi

Diwali Poems in Hindi Free

The work of methods an steps are beautiful for us and can be beautiful for us to define it. The culture that is highlighted inside the Kavita wordings are easy and simple to understand the best methods regarding these best possible methods.

Diwali Poems

Diwali Poems Free

Many Beautiful Images are attached to make the presence a smart move from our side to our customers and searchers to browse for the best possible poems in different languages.

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