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Vijayadashami is celebrated to enjoy the day when Lord Rama defeated King Ravana. The term Dasara is having two words dus means ten while hara means defeated. So it is day when a cruel king with 10 heads was defeated.

It is also celebrated to happy the killing of the cruel Mahishasura by the hands of Maa Durga. This day provides people to kill the devil with their minds and start building a good person. Praying of machines is performed on this day and success is almost for every new tenure started on this day.

Dasara Greetings 2017

Dasara Greetings 2017 Free

Dussehra will  arrive on 30th September 2017. The Vijay Mahurat is from 14:10 to 14:55. The Aparahna time is from 13:25 to 15:40. People will celebrate Shani Dev worship in the latter mahurat.

Dasara Quotes 2017

Dasara Quotes 2017 Free

Happy Vijayadashami 2017 Pictures

To perform the Dasara puja at your home or office and any location you choose, you just require to connect with us. We will confirm a skilled and qualified priest is available at your location to perform the worship in a special manner.

Dussehra Wishes 2017

Dussehra Wishes 2017 Free

If you never have the time to worship the  puja at your home then we consider that you wish our help. We will conduct the puja in our premises and send the Dussehra Puja Prasad to you. You can distribute it to your loved ones.

To perform this puja can be very terrified if you don’t know way where to buy the kalash or from where to buy the items of the aarti thali. Never worry; we are here to support you.

Vijayadashami Facebook Pictures

Vijayadashami Facebook Pictures Free

We can provide you with all the best Dasara puja products so that you can locate a flawless puja without getting tension. The products would be transferred to you in a good package and they will be prepared to use.

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Being a great festival, Hindus celebrate this festival at the same time in various ways in different parts of India and around the world.

In the northern region of the country, the first nine days of this festival, called Navaratri, is commonly seen as a time for best fast, followed by puja on the tenth day (Dusshera). We are together celebrating this festival for peace and calm in the family and all the wworries shoul run away after performing the festival.

Vijayadashami Photos 2017

Vijayadashami Photos 2017 Free

Happy Vijayadashami 2017 Pictures For Friends

Particularly in Varanasi of North India, Festival overlaps with “Ramlila” or “Rama Drama” – traditional and cultural plays in which pictures from the epic story of the mythical Rama-Ravana battle are fought by professional troupes.

Vijayadashami Whatsapp Pictures

Vijayadashami Whatsapp Pictures Free

In the south, this parv on the tenth day is celebrated with a lot of fun and joy, especially the celebration in Mysore is a varying difference! It is a festival to celebrate the win of good over evil, and symbolize the defeat and death of the cruel king Ravana in the epic Ramayana. Huge statue of Ravana are burnt with the bangs and booms of firecrackers.

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