Navratri 2017 Dates, Timings and Puja Vidhi in Hindi

Every Autumn Navratri signifies the  nine-days-long Hindu festival wherein Goddess Durga is worshipped in each of her different 9 forms, with the festival celebrated in Dussehra – on the 10th day of festivities. This year, Navratri will be celebrated between 21 September and 29th September. Navratri is celebrated with more funfare across the country and in different ways, with the most enthusiastic celebrations taking place in Gujarat. In fact, the Gujarati garba or dandiya nights – with dancers are performed with colourful clothes and during Navratri have become a symbol of the festivities.

Navratri Dates with Puja Vidhi

Navratri Dates with Puja Vidhi Free

Navratri 2017 Dates

DatesDaysNavratri Names
Pratipada21st September, 2017Goddess Shailaputri
Dwitiya22nd September, 2017Goddess Brahmacharini
Tritiya23rd September, 2017Goddess Chandraghanta
Chaturthi24th September, 2017Goddess Kushmanda
Panchami25th September, 2017Goddess Skandamta
Shasthi26th September, 2017Goddess Katyayani
Saptami27th September, 2017Goddess Kalaratri
Ashatmi28th September, 2017Goddess Mahagauri
Navmi29th September, 2017Goddess Siddhidatri

The modern tradition of garba ie disco dandiya has also performed and organized in the centre stage in Navratri festivals especially in different parts of western India such as Mumbai. North India plays Ramlila to mark the celebrations. Navratri is also organized by fasting and just avoiding from liquor use.

Navratri Greetings 2017

Navratri Greetings 2017 Free

Navratri Nine Days in Hindi

The goddesses are worshipped during Navratri in all forms of Goddess Durga. Each of the 9 days also has a verified and designated colour that the devotees would prefer to wear on these days. These colours are green, blue, red, orange, yellow, indigo, violet, pink and tints and hues of golden.

Navratri Wishes 2017 in Hindi

Navratri Wishes 2017 in Hindi Free

You can signify the win of good over evil, Dussehra brought an end to the Navratra festivities. One of the best popular legends of Dasara goes back to the Ramayana. As per the story, it was on this day that Rama killed Ravana for kidnapping his wife Sita. With this, the festival is celebrated by burning the statues of Ravana in the evening.

Navratri Nine Days in English

Cultural programmes are gathered on Dussehra with dance, songs and  many sweets to eat. Children can be seen running with dressed as vanara sena with bow and arrows in their hands. Ramleela is also performed in different parts of the country that is an attachment of the folklore of Ramayana.

Navratri Wishes 2017

Navratri Wishes 2017 Free

There are many festivals that are celebrated during this year after Navratri Puja that are Dasara and Diwali Festival with great wishes to commence the wishes in a big styles that are involved with friends and groups of relatives together.

Navratri Wishes SMS With Puja Vidhi

Navratri Wishes SMS With Puja Vidhi Free

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