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Each year after Navaratri, there is a big celebration in the form of Dasara, otherwise known as Vijayadasshami. It is one of the special festivals of Hinduism.Normally it is celebrated in the month of September 30, 2017. According to the Indian calendar, it comes on a full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashvina. There are various reasons for celebrating Dussehra in various parts of the country. In the east and northeast, Vijayadashami is the big day of the great festival in these parts. Durga Puja symbolize Goddess Durga’s victory of the major battle over her enemy, the demon Mahisasura, to come back order and peace on heaven and earth. In the north, west, and south of India, this festival is called Dasara and it is held at the end of the Ramlila festival, to celebrate Rama victory over Ravana.Here is below get best and few new dasara images.

Dasara 2017 Wishes

Dasara 2017 Wishes Free

Vijadashami SMS

In places where Dasara is celebrated, massive statue of Ravana are burnt with fireworks and crackers. This indicates the destruction of cruel and the win of best forces. Dussehra is the festival which indicates the  struggle between good and bad and provides hope to the simple people, that cruel forces will always be vanished and best will reign over the world.

Dasara Quotes 2017

Dasara Quotes 2017 Free

James, an expert in the cover of Hindu pilgrimage, informs that the word “Dussehra” is another manner of the Sanskrit word “Dashahara”. Its meaning in English translates to “ten important days”.

Dussehra SMS

Dussehra SMS Free

Moner Williams, Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford University, who did a best study of the Sanskrit language, said that “Dus” means cruel, willful, bad, and “Hara” means to distract, destroy. Therefore, Dus and Hara collectively mean to remove badly. There is the best way to enjoy this dussehra is by supporting wallpaper to you mobile or desktop, so we are providing you latest in this post.

Dussehra Pics 2017

Dussehra Pics 2017 Free

Dasara SMS 2017

There are many happy dussehra wallpapers depicting different scenes of this festival  available online. You can watch different pictures of Lord Rama fighting the demon Ravana, or Rama worshipping the Goddess Durga 2017.

Vijayadshami Wishes 2017

Free Vijayadshami Wishes 2017

One ancient story tells that Rama was worshipping the Goddess Durga during the Navratri Festival. The respects of the worship required Rama to find one hundred and eight blue lotus. Rama looked high and low, but could get only one hundred and seven flowers. Finally, in desperative act 2017, he took out his bow and arrow and finally decided to take out one of his eyes and give it to the Goddess. As soon as he wished to do this, the Goddess herself appeared in front of him and stopped him from harming. The one hundred and eighth lotus suddenly appeared, and Rama could complete the ceremonies as they should be done.

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